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Semi National

Jammers Semi-National teams compete in one Quest for Excellence Tournament, 3-4 Regional Tournaments*, and three multi-day tournaments (i.e. City of Oaks in Raleigh, NC, Capital Hill Classic in Washington DC, or Big South Qualifier in Atlanta, GA. This extended competitive season is a great preparation for their seventh and final tournament, the Carolina Regional Championship. To prepare for these tournaments, teams will practice three times per week throughout most of the club volleyball season.

The Carolina Region organizes competitive tournaments at the platinum, gold, silver, bronze and copper levels to encourage a reasonable degree of parity at each bi-weekly regional event. In order to grow, teams must be challenged. At the same time, playing far above a team's skill level can be discouraging for younger players. Through the tryout and team selection process, Jammers Lead Coaches assess each team to determine at which level will the players experience the optimal level of growth and development. All Semi-National teams must be competitive at the gold or platinum levels.

*number of regional tournaments may vary due to availability and overlap with Out-of-State Tournament selections.  Guaranteed at least 3 regional tournaments.

2019 Semi National Club Dues

Program (ADMISSIONS DAY) November 16 December 15 January 15 February 15 March 15 April 15 Total
Semi National $1000 $380 $380 $380 $380 $380 $2,900

Semi National Program Detail

Program Semi National
Practices Per Week 3
Region Tournaments 3-4
Region Championship 1
Quest For Excellence 1
Multi-Day Tournaments 3
Club Dues $2,900
Uniforms Uniform Package is a separate expense (if needed), paid directly to the supplier
Travel Varies