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More Than a Club: Jammers Creates Lasting Legacy for Volleyball Sisters

By Jammers Admin, 02/16/24, 5:30PM EST


Two sisters, Jasmyn and Brianna (Bri) Wallace, are in the heart of competitive volleyball. Their stories echo with a shared passion for the sport and a deep-rooted love for their Jammers Volleyball Family. While their journeys on the court may differ, their paths in and outside of Jammers fostered a bond that goes beyond sisterhood and into the realm of shared triumphs and unwavering support. Here at Jammers, their love for volleyball blossomed, individual strengths grew, and Jammers became more than just a club; it became a second home… a testament to the power of community and the transformative spirit of the game. 

In the heart of this energy stand two young women, their stories intertwined both on and off the court: Bri, a Senior Rightside for Riverside High School and Jammers 18 Black, and Coach Jasmyn, a recent graduate and now coach at Jammers Volleyball Club.

Bri, a force in Middle and Rightside, thrives on pushing her limits. Despite her self-described weakness of sometimes overthinking, she credits Jammers and Coach JaLisa for boosting her confidence and volleyball IQ. “Coach JaLisa helped me find my confidence and determination to get the next point. I would imagine what Coach JaLisa would say while I was on the court,” says Bri. Her biggest accomplishment? Realizing her potential and growing as a player beyond the high school season and into club sports.

Coach Jasmyn, a former defensive specialist, embodies fierce determination and a perfectionist streak. While this fuels her drive, she acknowledges it can also trap her in self-doubt. Her advice to young players? Let go of mistakes, trust your skills, and keep pushing forward. “Mistakes don’t determine who you are as a player. Keep pushing through and remember one bad ball doesn’t make you a bad player,” she explains. For Coach Jasmyn, volleyball's impact goes beyond the court, fostering focus and self-confidence that spill into her everyday life.

Communication, on and off the court, is key for both Bri and Coach Jasmyn. Bri sees it as crucial for pushing teammates and fostering trust, while Coach Jasmyn, once reserved, has thrived in her coaching role, sharpening her communication skills.

But what makes a successful volleyball player? Both agree: coachability, versatility, trust, and unwavering passion are essential. Bri emphasizes determination and the drive to constantly improve, while Coach Jasmyn highlights the importance of time management and balancing academics with athletic demands.

Speaking of balance, both Bri and Coach Jasmyn credit their success to strong support systems. Jammers, is more than just a club, it is a family built on community, dedication, and unwavering belief in their players. It's where Bri and Coach Jasmyn forged a unique bond (outside of sisterhood), inspiring each other to become better players and individuals.

Bri, aiming for medical school and becoming an international pediatrician, plans to also minor in coaching. She plans to remain connected to the sport through playing club volleyball collegiately and potentially coaching to boost her love for the game. 

While coaching is a passion for Coach Jasmyn, she has also set her sights on becoming an Ultrasound Tech. She is drawn to the impact she makes on younger players, and wants to continue coaching, using her experiences to instill confidence and resilience in future generations of Jammers’ athletes. 

Their stories offer a glimpse into the heart of Jammers Volleyball Club, where sisterhood, strength, and a love for the game intertwine, shaping young lives both on and off the court. Bri and Coach Jasmyn stand as testaments to the power of dedication, support, and the unwavering belief in one's potential, inspiring aspiring athletes seeking their own victories, inside and outside the game.